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SOS March Organizing Updates/News 2014

SOS March Organizing Updates/News 2014


 SOS  March Organizing Updates/News:

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I am now a  Golden Circle Member of the National Association of Professional Organizers!  That means I am a “seasoned” organizer!  Since I have been a social worker for over 25 years and an organizer for 7 years, I would tend to agree with that! I also am a member of the NAPO Michigan chapter and am looking forward to collaborating and sharing with my fellow organizers!



Relay for LifeRelay for Life Byron Center: Susie’s Organization Solutions LLC has formed a team for Relay for Life Byron Center!  Relay for Life is the fundraising part of the American Cancer Society. I am so happy to be heading up a team again this year and am honored to be the Team Development Chair for Relay for Life Byron Center!  I would really appreciate your support of my team through donations, walking the event, joining my team, supporting fundraising events or purchasing a luminaria bag in honor/memory of your loved one who has battled cancer.   I have had several very close family members pass away from cancer and I want to do my part to fight back.  Thank you!!

Please visit my team’s fundraising page to support us:


Organizers for Charity

Organizers for Charity: I have joined a community called Organizers for Charity. Their goal is to provide the community with resources to donate their unwanted items to charities.  As a professional organizer, I have always encouraged my clients to donate their unwanted items to charities that can give to others.  I even include free haul away of donation items to charities as part of my services to make this option easy for my clients.  Organizers for Charity maintains a “Donation to Charity Directory” to make this process of donating easy as well.  They are a new organization and hope to grow in the future!


Susie’s Organizing Tips and Tricks :

Spring Fever!

It’s March but Spring time is right around the corner!It’s time to think about what projects you want to tackle when “Spring Fever” hits you!

  • Do you have CLOSETS that need de-cluttering and organizing?
  • Do you have KITCHEN cupboards that are crammed full of glassware, dishes, cookware and other items that you don’t even use anymore?
  • Do you have a GARAGE that is overrun with kids toys, tools, automotive supplies and yard equipment?
  • Do you have a BASEMENT that is filled with bins, papers and “stuff” you haven’t needed or used in years?
  • Do you have JUNK DRAWERS that you can’t even open anymore because they are full of “junk”!

Spring time is a great time to look at your spaces and see how you can use them better to meet your needs.

Think “Purpose and Place” for everything.

  1. First step: Honestly look at the problem areas and make a plan to change it.  (Action!)
  2. Second step:  Measure your spaces.  (Very important!)
  3. Third step: Find or purchase organizing products like bins/baskets/trays, etc. that FIT your spaces.  (Reuse if you choose or buy new!)
  4. Fourth step: Use the new organizing products in your spaces. (They don’t work if they are stacked up in a corner somewhere!)
  5. Fifth step: De-clutter and downsize what you have in your spaces.  (Designate boxes for Donation, Go Somewhere Else, Keep, and Toss/Recycle.)
  6. Last step: Put the keep items into your newly de-cluttered spaces. (Put like items together in zones).
  7. Call in a professional organizer if this is overwhelming or difficult for you to do by yourself.  SOS can help you! 


Happy Spring!

 SOS Contact Information:

Contact Susie Marsh, if you need help with Eliminating your Chaos and Clutter!

  • Residential Settings, Personal Work Spaces, Mental/Physical Challenges, Assisting Older Adults, Speaking Services
  • Gift Certificates are Available if you want to give the gift of organization!



SOS  March Organizing Updates/News 2014

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