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Hoarders:Family Secrets (Episode 6: David & Nora)

I had the opportunity to work as part of the clean out team that worked with David and his family in a recent episode of “Hoarders:Family Secrets” which aired on the Lifetime network.  Matt Paxton and his ServiceMaster crew, along with myself and two other organizers from Wisconsin, worked to clear out the yard and 4 rooms in the house. As part of the organizer team, we worked in the home to declutter and organize the spaces. We were able to give David and his family functional and useable spaces again.  I wanted to see first hand what a large scale clean out process entailed and how the person hoarding reacted to the intervention.  In these situations that are documented on the show, many times the person hoarding is in a situation where the authorities are involved and faster clean out is required.  This is not recommended by many mental health professionals as an intervention for someone who is hoarding but is not being required by authorities to clean out by a specific timeline.  Ongoing therapy with qualified professionals and hands on work with a trained professional organizer over a period of time is the recommended strategy.  Overall my work on the show was a great experience where I continued to learn new strategies for working in hoarding situations.  You can see me as part of another team of organizers in an upcoming episode on 7/16/15 at 9:00pm (EST) on Lifetime. 

If you or someone you know struggles with hoarding, contact Susie’s Organization Solutions LLC for assistance. 616-554-3175


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