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Fall Organizing Projects


Hope everyone had a wonderful summer! We now move into the fall and all that goes with it. Back to school, football, fall leaves, pumpkins, apple orchards and all the projects that we didn’t want to do in the summer!

I’ve put together some tips on how to stay organized in a few of these areas:


Back to School:

  1. Keep the kids’ paperwork separated by using bins labeled for each child.
  2. Use a master calendar for the family to track events, appts., etc. Color code each family member for easy identfication.
  3. Use a home folder to have paperwork go back and forth from the teacher if you have younger children.
  4. Help teens keep their paperwork and supplies organized by using binders, folders and bins. Many middle and high schoolers are using laptops for all of their homework. Sit down with your teen and ask him/her how assignments are tracked and how they are using the laptop reminder alerts to stay on top of homework and assignments.
  5. Keep extra items in the home such as glue sticks, note paper, sticky notes, pencils/pens and posterboard on hand for those projects that are due and your child maybe has procrastinated on. No one likes to make the late night run to the nearest store for supplies!


Fall Clean Up:

When you think, ” fall clean up”, your mind may automatically go to cleaning up the leaves and flower beds before the snow flies. Fall clean up can also mean, cleaning out the garage or basement when it is cooler outside and putting in a garage organizing system. It may mean cleaning out your closets, putting in a new closet organizer and donating unwanted items to your favorite charity. It may mean doing some of those DIY projects you have been meaning to tackle (repainting a room, caulking a tub, tearing out old carpeting, changing out light fixtures, etc.).

Here are a few tips to getting the work done efficiently and quickly:

  1. Measure your spaces that you are working in before you buy any new products for the spaces. (ie. bins, closet systems, garage systems, paint, etc.,)
  2. Break down the project into smaller pieces. Small steps = Big rewards!
  3. Carve out enough time to work on a project so you aren’t rushed.
  4. Ask for help from an expert if you get in over your head.

 Closet Organization:

Many people ask me what the best type of closet system is for their homes. I always answer by posing these questions to them:

  1. How much you want to spend?
  2. What type of material do you want to use for the closet system?
  3. Do you want to install the closet system yourself or have a company do it?

All of these variables will determine which direction you go. The least expensive option is a DIY kit from one of the home improvement stores. Wire shelving usually is the cheapest. A step up would be to get a kit with pressed board shelving. You can add on baskets/bins/drawers made of wire or cloth. The next step up is wood shelving. There are many closet organizing companies and stores that will build custom closets for you too. You still have a choice on product used to fit into your budget. Many have showrooms that you can visit to see the products up close. Carpenters and builders can also build custom closets and storage systems. Doing a little homework on the closet system(s) you like will help you narrow down which will meet your needs the best. If you need help finding a closet system that works for you, feel free to contact me and I’d be happy to help.

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