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Professional Home Organizer Testimonials


January 18, 2016

Susie is fabulous! I highly recommend her to anyone needing organizational services of any type, shape or size!
Susie met with us and walked through our house prior to starting work with us. She asked us what we hoped to achieve out of working with an organizer. Through that process she helped us identify needs, clarify goals, and craft a sensible, achievable plan we could work toward together. Just having a plan helped us feel much better about reaching our goals!
Her positive attitude, infectious smile and great sense of humor helped immeasurably! Susie is a one person army of organizational tools, know-how and wisdom. She took care of many super annoying details that often stopped previous organization efforts: like donation paperwork, dropping off donations, knowing where to recycle weird stuff like computer parts, metal crap from the garage, batteries, and how to dispose of gross stuff safely (like old paint buckets, garage grungy oily stuff, etc.). She helped us sort through piles of paperwork/ mail for shredding, recycling, saving… and helped us develop ways to do that more simply on our own. FABULOUS
We just love her, and she cares! She helps make some of the worst tasks you NEVER want to do seem bearable (and, believe it or not, even FUN).
Do yourself a favor and call Susie to help tackle organizational projects, big or small. She is wonderful – and one of the best gifts you could ever give yourself or others! THANK YOU SUSIE!

Lynne C., Grand Rapids, MI


May 17, 2015

“I had the opportunity to work with Susie Marsh, owner of Susie’s Organization Solutions LLC and professional organizer, on a recent hoarding clean out job. I found Susie to be genuine, compassionate, and very perceptive. She worked as part of a team of organizers and showed her knowledge and skills of large volume categorizing. She also showed her flexibility to change direction on the job at a moments notice. Susie worked efficiently and effectively with the other organizers and clients during the clean out. She used her problem solving skills to work through difficult situations that arose during the clean out process. Susie’s background as a social worker serves her well working in the field of organizing and chronic disorganization challenges. Susie would be an excellent choice to work with you on your organizing projects.”

Dorothy Breininger, professional organizer “Dorothy the Organizer”, as seen on Lifetime Network’s “Hoarders: Family Secrets” 


January 14, 2014,

“Susie is very a trustworthy and caring person. Her personality shines through with the organizing and helping people with their clutter. She is patient and understands the emotional piece of making a big move or dealing with clutter. I have referred Susie to several people and they all rave about her service. I would recommend hiring Susie every time.”

Beth Mans, Senior Real Estate Specialist at Greenridge Realty


March 7, 2014

” It is because of Susie, my wife and I are living at  (senior living community).  About 15 months ago,    an alternative housing need was developing for my wife and I and at that time it was quite improbable  (piles of clutter and disorganization filled our house).  Your skillful organizing and cleaning  specialties along with coming once a week for 3 hours at a time completed the organizing/cleaning  process in approximately 13 months.  You had a good knowledge of what to toss, donate, sell and recycle.  In February, with the assistance of our daughter, we were able to recarpet 3 bedrooms, retile at the same time and 10 days ago we paid off the mortgage of our house!  We have two possibilities of persons interested in our house!  We are truly thankful to God for all of your skillful help in organizing/cleaning our house.  We are glad we are living here now (senior living community).  You left a positive outlook for me and my wife.  I do use the file cabinets to keep the papers organized.  Thanks again for all of your help!”

Best regards,

Gerry & Thelma, Wyoming, MI


July 26, 2013

“It is with great pleasure that I share with you my wonderful experience of working with Ms. Susie Marsh, the founder of Susie’s Organization Solutions, LLC.

Ms. Marsh began working with my family in June 2011. I really did not have much hope of overcoming our chaos, but I decided to give her a try. Our family has organizational challenges with one parent and two children with ADHD and another with hoarder characteristics. Really, I thought we would always have chaos (can’t have anyone over syndrome.)

Then came Susie, she entered our home with warmth, non-judgment and competence. She swiftly assisted me in removing clutter and creating systems. Her expertise guided me in creating a home atmosphere that is comfortable, welcoming and most of all organized.

Additionally, Susie assisted me in starting a business. She supported me both administratively and practically in the creation of my business, which has been a great success due to the planning, structure and tools she was able to provide.  I recommend Susie without hesitation.”


Kelly L.,  Jenison, MI


“We have two kids, one dog, three cats, a mouse, nine chickens and a rabbit. With our clan and in-home business we were moving into a new house, starting a new school, my mother-in-law was moving in, we were doing remodeling, and I had recently started a new job. I was also completely overwhelmed, couldn’t find anything, didn’t have time to do anything about it, had boxes coming out of my ears, and was really starting to wonder if anything other than unpacking and moving piles was in my future. What a time for S.O.S! Susie really saved our souls with her organizing solutions. She came in and quickly analyzed the situation. Armed with her apron of organizing tools including a box cutter, sharpies and a label machine she went to work getting us organized. She efficiently and effectively worked with me in such a kind supportive manner that my initial hesitation and embarrassment at needing a professional organizer went away. Study organized? Check. Ideas for storage in the kitchen? Check. Susie was such a huge help and support. I could not believe the amount of my crud she could get through in such a short amount of time. She even helped me get rid of a lot of clutter that we had deliberately moved! Susie’s Organization Solutions has kept us sane. Thank you so much!”


Ashley H. , Zeeland, MI 

“I encourage you to use Susie’s Organization Solutions to help you establish better order in your environment.  I experienced this first hand in my work office setting when I requested some assistance from Sue. She presented with a no-nonsense approach an eagerly and quickly tackled the challenge before her. I participated in the de-cluttering process and appreciated her sorting approach and organizing strategies. In a matter of a few hours, years of paperwork, files, and books were sorted and put in their places. It was a breath of fresh air to finally see my desk again! And we all know that you feel a little more centered when your environment is ordered.
In addition, I have known Sue professionally for over a decade and I know that she has demonstrated remarkable organizational skills in managing her workload and her work environment which happens to be a cubicle.  I highly recommend you grab the opportunity to use her services to bring some order into your life. “


Joann C. ,  Rockford, MI


TheOrganizingSpecialists-logo“Sue trained in with The Organizing Specialists  in April of 2007 and has been an active organizer in our referral network ever since. She handles clients with efficiency, sensitivity, and grace. I would highly recommend hiring Sue to work on your organizing project!””

August 24, 2011, Judy Warmington, Co-Founder of The Organizing Specialists (Linkedin)


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Professional Home Organizer Testimonials